Sustainable wellbeing

ACCIONA's living spaces are designed with the highest architectural and sustainability standards.At Jardins de Can Trabal of ACCIONA, exclusivity and sustainability come together to bring you a development of luxury homes committed to you and to its surroundings so that you can enjoy your lifestyle without harming the planet.Your new home has BREEAM certification, an exclusive quality seal that very few obtain and that is the hallmark of environmentally-friendly buildings.This certification helps improve the sustainability of buildings in Spain, promoting the best practices and technologies available on the market.Behind the BREEAM seal is energy efficiency as a philosophy: improving the environmental performance of buildings, reducing their impact during the construction and subsequent use of the homes.

Reduction in the consumption of water

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Plan to add facilities for electrical vehicles

Use of indigenous vegetation

Imagine swimming in a pool while listening to garden being watered automatically, knowing that the water is being suitably reused. The entire urbanisation is sustainable thanks to a reduction in the consumption of water, the generation of DHW with solar panels, the reduction, reuse and purification of water, the use of indigenous vegetation, a programmed and efficient watering system, the use of sustainable materials, appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation and the plan to add facilities for electrical vehicles.

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The ACCIONA commitment

ACCIONA is one of the leading housing development and management companies in the country, with over 13,000 properties around the world.We have the benefit of extensive experience in sustainability principles, which we apply to all our developments. Always putting the preservation of the environment and cost reduction first.Projects such as Jardins de Can Trabal are always designed to the highest quality standards. As a distinguishing element, we have the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates as well, of course, as the BREEAM certificate.

When we talk about sustainability, we really mean it. ACCIONA is listed on the sustainability indexes such as the FTSE4Good, CDP Climate & Water, Ethibel Sustainability Index and Dow Jones Sustainability Index, among others.At ACCIONA we will guide you throughout the entire process, from construction to delivery. Always dealing with any needs that may emerge in an efficient and personalised way.YOUR NEW HOME IS BIG DEAL, FOR YOU AND FOR US.